The first step to knowing the truth.

We are not the only ones out there!

With hundreds of private investigators in the Florida alone, plus private companies, and others who may have their own agendas, COUNTER SURVEILLANCE is not something to laugh at.

COUNTER SURVEILLANCE is discovering surveillance on one person (target) and thwarting it by special methods. It all sounds like something from a spy movie, but it isn't. Counter Surveillance is used by many private individuals to see if they are being followed or "spied on" themselves. Checking for surveillance and hidden electronic monitoring devices or  "bugs" is something we have done more times than you would imagine. Hidden tracking and/or recording devices have been located on people who never suspected they would be the target of such methods. Through the use of electronic detectors, monitors, and physical surveillance, we can protect you and your investments to make sure you are not the target of an unwanted surveillance.

Counter Surveillance can be combined with any investigation or security detail. We can also customize the service to meet your needs and finances.

*We will not condone or participate in any illegal activities. If you believe you are being investigated by a law enforcement agency, contact your local law enforcement agency and obtain details from them. We will NOT conduct counter surveillance on those who believe they are being followed or investigated by any law enforcement entity.