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There is no basic case, especially when it comes to "cheater cases." Each case is different and we realize that. After obtaining basic information, we will meet with you and discuss the case with you in detail and set up a subsequent meeting with your lead investigator (no charge for introductory meet and subsequent introduction). We will charge for actual work performed and any expenses that are incurred that you approve in advance. "Actual Work Performed" is surveillance, interviews, undercover operations, etc. We will do basic electronic research on the subjects involved, INCLUDING running them through several "paid" data bases at no extra charge to you! We will keep you updated and provide written documentation and reports of all activities, which is included in your "basic case." Of course, there will be cases where extra resources may be needed, but this will be at your approval. We are here to help!



GSA Services INC, its employees, and/or contractors will NEVER conduct any illegal, immoral, or unethical acts. This includes violating traffic codes during surveillance operations; conducting or condoning illegal intercepts of communications; providing information for a client to conduct any illegal act including, but not limited to: stalking, aggravated stalking, domestic violence, or any malicious act to harm a person in any way. We reserve the right to deny cases and to break a contract at any time these type acts are suspected.


As one of the only private investigative companies in the area who has investigators who have conducted hundreds of hours of successful law enforcement surveillance and undercover work, GSA Services INC recognizes and wants the client to realize that a successful surveillance may require multiple investigators and if the surveillance is mobile (in a car or other type of transportation), multiple vehicles and/or investigators is a must. Our Lead Investigator has taught these undercover techniques to law enforcement officers through out the state and knows what is needed for a successful operation. This will be explained to you and also the fact that not all surveillances are successful, no matter how many people you have or how good you are. THIS ONLY COMES FROM REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE AND HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF CASE WORK, which we have.


All cases are kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged per Florida Law. Reports will be generated for the client as required and updates will be made on a daily basis, if needed.

We work well with several other Private Investigative Agencies throughout the area and at times may contract other investigators to assist us. All our investigators are state licensed class "C" or "CC" investigators and we DO NOT use unlicensed personnel as investigators AT ANY TIME.

CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE ON ANY MORE INTERNS. As openings come available, we will take selected interns who meet the licensing qualifications and will fit into our organization. We have a teaching base and believe in not just qualifying interns, but passing on our decades of knowledge and learning from them as well. Keep checking back. We will post the next opening within three months of the available date.